About | The Ace Eye | Swagata Ghosh


   Hello, thank you very much for visiting my Website. Honestly, there is nothing special to say about myself, I am simply a snap addict and love to capture every shining moment of my surroundings. I am inspired by natural phenomenon, and miracles which are always happening around us.

  Being a professional photographer, I have my favorite categories too, on which I really love to work endlessly, and these categories are – Nature, Wildlife, Picto – Real and Children Photography.

   Living in my hometown Kalyani, I journeyed quite a few places, I searched and found the moments gave me nothing but wonder. Sometimes, clicking those moments cost me several hours of waiting. I captured the silent beauty of the nature, experienced lens adjustments for a Crocodile, hold patience for rain drop and spent time with children for one single innocent mood.

  So, this is how I am, this is how I work. I work hard with passion to get my purpose done to ensure my creativity in photography.


Nature 85%
Wildlife 85%
Picto-Real 90%
Kids 85%